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Dear Roger,

This comment is on Rosalie Bertell. She managed to get invited to address an elitist gathering in Mumbai  a few years ago. A few of my friends attended, as the talk was to be on low level radiation. They were disappointed listening to the rhetoric !

During question time, they asked some queries related to the subject. It was obvious that she was at the receiving end. The questioner, a Ph.D from a US University persisted with the questions. A retired judge (?) who was chairing intervened asserting that she was addressing a lay audience and not professionals. He told my colleague that if he has any doubts, he may ask them privately. The main speaker was found wanting! But the intervention from the Chair helped.

It is surprising how some of these "Bertells" get such attention from people who are otherwise distinguished. The judge in question was a very eminent person and was well known for his compassion to the underdog.


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If any of the list members who are French would care to reply, here is the
link that I got from Google Alerts.  She certainly deserves to be exposed as
a has been and phony with no real knowledge of the subject at all.  I don’t
know why she has decided to take on the HAARP research program at the
University of Alaska.

Roger Helbig

de-guerre-des-etats-unis.html>  nouvelles technologies de guerre des
Le Post - Paris,France
Parmi ceux-ci, le Dr Rosalie Bertell, une scientifique de haut niveau qui,
naguère, avait été désignée comme expert par l'administration Reagan pour
étudier ...

27/1231669_les-nouvelles-technologies-de-guerre-des-etats-unis.html> See all
stories on this topic 

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