[ RadSafe ] uranium and breast cancer

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June 2


         I would have to side with the parents on this one, however your 
point is well taken.  Congress --- or any legislative body --- is not 
well-suited to assessing claims concerning science (or social issues for 
that matter).


At 01:36 PM 6/2/08 -0700, Brennan, Mike  (DOH) wrote:
>I am reminded of recent Congressional hearings concerning the lack of 
>effectiveness of abstinence-only sex education at which a congressman (in 
>all seriousness) to the effect of, "What makes these people think that 
>because they have PhDs and have done studies and research that they know 
>better than parents about what works best?"  While congressional hearings 
>do not always come out against the best science available on a subject, I 
>don't believe that you could argue there is a strong positive causal 
>relationship, either.
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>Does anyone think that this is at least naïve, or perhaps (more directly) 
>a ridiculous statement?
>After all, history has shown our politicians are somewhat unqualified as 
>scientific arbiters....
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>From: James Salsman
>I think we in the U.S. need to organize a direct-to-congress campaign of 
>truth in advertising when it comes to safety provisions, asking each 
>congressperson to hold committee hearings.  Surely more government is the 
>last, best hope for science.  Unless, of course, science doesn't need a 
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