Fwd: [ RadSafe ] wind at 10 meters or nearer the ground?

James Salsman BenjB4 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 11:35:36 CDT 2008


Thanks for your question:

>... what if the release and the receptor are both nearer the ground where the wind velocity is less than at 10 m?

Mitsakou, C., et al. (2003) "Modeling of the dispersion of depleted
uranium aerosol," Health Physics 84(4), pp. 538-544 gives data at 5 m
and 10 m.

You should be able to find the meteorological laminar and turbulent
drag of the ground in terms of wind speeds at different heights at
different wind speeds at a certain height.  That will allow you to
convert data at any wind speed at a known height into data at a
different wind speed and/or height.

James Salsman

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