[ RadSafe ] C-14 uptake in breast milk

Brennan, Mike (DOH) Mike.Brennan at DOH.WA.GOV
Tue Jun 3 15:48:48 CDT 2008

Are the amino acids volatile enough that she might breath noticeable
concentrations?  Because if not, and she doesn't intentionally ingesting
it, and she is properly gloved, I don't see a viable pathway. 

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Dear group,
I have a young lady who will be using C-14 labeled amino acids (100s of
mics/month) compounds and is also nursing a new baby (~2 months).
Although she is very skilled at handling radioactive materials (+10 yrs
experience), she is worried that some of the C-14 may be passed to her
new baby while nursing. I've searched the literature but can't find much
information that helps. I did find one article that estimates an uptake
of 0.001%, however, the study involved rats. I believe the probability
of actual uptake is extremely low and would not have any impact on the
baby, however, she wants more proof and reassurance than I can currently
provide. I would appreciate any help.
Thank You,
Jim Talty
Utah State University
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