[ RadSafe ] UMRC Still In Waterport NY -- the DC PO Box and Toronto Address Seem to be for Show

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Sun Jun 8 09:05:14 CDT 2008

Note the statement - "but if they were in Iraq, they're at risk"  nothing
like presumption to fatten their coffers.  Anyway that the State of NY
monitors these people; what equipment would they actually need to have to
test for DU in urine sample?


Roger Helbig


--- On Sat, 6/7/08, Debbie Anderson <stopthewar04 at gmail.com> wrote:

From: Debbie Anderson <stopthewar04 at gmail.com>
To: NoMoreDU at yahoogroups.com, "Lionelle Hamanaka" <LionelleH at aol.com>
Date: Saturday, June 7, 2008, 3:47 PM

Hi Lionelle,

Testing can be done through the Uranium Medical Research Centre
http://www.umrc.net/default.aspx, they provide testing no matter where you
live...but it is not cheap, last I heard it was about $900.00 dollars.  They
need to get an assessment done first, there is a pdf questionnaire form at
this site: http://www.umrc.net/pdf/self_assessment.pdf   and once there,
they should take the test and send it in, although it's not required to do
so, but it's best that they do, an assessment is done first to determine if
they are at risk, but if they were in Iraq, they're at risk, but this is the


If they need any further information, let me know.  The testing site is in
Waterport NY, you can reach them at the address below. 

     Lakeview Medical Clinic
     1815 Waterport Road
     Waterport, NY 14571
     Phone (585) 682-4274

Debbie Anderson

On Sat, Jun 7, 2008 at 3:37 PM, <lionelleh at aol.com> wrote:

I met a woman on the street today whose relative in Florida is coughing.  I 
told her maybe it was DU. Is there somewhere he can go to get tested or
Lionelle, mfso






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