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Jungkwon Son samjokoh at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 02:51:17 CDT 2008

Dear Sir/Madam,

KHNP has 20 nuclear power plants in operation, where various radiation
detection instruments
and monitoring systems are used for radiation protection purpose.
Previously, they had been
maintained and calibrated on site by power plant personnel because each
plant was certified and designated as self calibration organization by the

However, in order to enhance reliability of the radiation detection
instruments and efficiency of
their overall management, KHNP recently established a central radiation
calibration laboratory
at NETEC, one of the KHNP organizations. It is located in the middle of the
4 power
plant sites and certified by the government. Currently, its function and
service cover only collection
of portable instruments from power plant sites, calibration and delivery to
the sites.

As a next step, KHNP seeks to expand its scope of service to maintenance and
purchase as well as
to calibration of fixed instruments such as portal monitors, gamma
spectrometers, TLD, etc.

In this regard, KHNP plans to bench mark central radiation calibration
laboratories for overseas
nuclear power plants.

Thus, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share your operation
and lessons with us, which surely will be of valuable help to us.

KHNP is interested in the subject as follows :
   ○ A legal basis of radiation instrument calibration
   ○ Role of the central radiation calibration laboratory
      (Ex, purchase, maintenance, calibration, etc.)
   ○ Organization and number of personnel including contract companies if
   ○ Sorts of instruments to be calibrated and their number
     - Portable instruments, fixed instruments, air samplers(flow rate),
radiation monitoring systems, environmental monitoring systems,
     - who is supposed to calibrate if not calibrated by the central
   ○ Size of the central laboratory
   ○ Main equipment of the laboratory and its major specifications
   ○ Certification(Issuer, class or scope of certification)
   ○ Status of annual performance(number of equipment calibrated  and

Internet homepage and brochure including above information will be helpful.

If there's no central radiation calibration labratories in your company,
KHNP want to know above information on your NPPs.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you very much in advance.

Jungkwon Son
Radiation Instrument Calibration Team, NETEC
jkson1 at khnp.co.kr

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