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Steve and All,

I attach a graph showing an increase of dose rate measured (in advance of the alarm) in an outside monitor station in the vicinity of the nuclear power station. The resulting 'formidable' dose increase corresponds to a sojourn of a few hours either in mountaineering or in air flight up to about 3000 m above sea level.

Of course, no activist is capable to digest this message. :-(

Regards, Rainer


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June 5

         From the Yahoo article:

But Jan Beranek, Greenpeace International's nuclear campaigner, said: "Any
situation which results in the European Commission alerting all 27 member
states about the possible consequences of a nuclear accident cannot readily
be dismissed as something not to worry about.

"In this case we hope that independent confirmation can be gained to
confirm that the situation is under control and there was no offsite

"However, it stands as a testament to the threat that all of Europe's
nuclear facilities pose to its population and environment and beyond. Those
who are planning to build more nuclear reactors must heed this warning and
reject nuclear technology."

(end quote)

         My additional comment is that this sounds like a made-to-order
opportunity for Greenpeace to deliver another one of its hackneyed
anti-nuclear campaign speeches.

Steven Dapra

At 02:03 AM 6/5/08 +0000, Bjorn Cedervall wrote:

>Any additional comments?
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