[ RadSafe ] Dose basis for 5Ci/y discharge ?

Brennan, Mike (DOH) Mike.Brennan at DOH.WA.GOV
Thu Jun 19 13:21:08 CDT 2008

The limits for discharge to the sewer are based on: 

"The factor of 7.3 x 106(ml) is composed of a factor of 7.3 x 105(ml),
the annual water intake by "Reference Man," and a factor of 10, such
that the concentrations, if the sewage released by the licensee were the
only source of water ingested by a reference man during a year, would
result in a committed effective dose equivalent of 0.5 rem."

Frankly, I think that if we find some "Reference Man" sucking on the
sewer outfall of a rad facility, drinking ten times the amount of water
people normally drink, we would do better to make him stop, rather than
try to limit his rad uptake (on the bright side, it is unlikely he will
live long enough for the rad to be a health issue.  Water poisoning is
probably going to kill him).  

As to why there is a total limit on top of a concentration limit; I
don't think they even try to defend it. 

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Hi Radsafers,

Does anyone out there know if there are models or studies that were used
as the basis for the total sanitary sewerage discharge limits in
10CFR20?  I know the specifics of potential dose would be as varied as
there are possible emission sources or receptors.  But I haven't been
able to find anything justifying the 5 Ci tritium limit (other than, it
just seems to be a conservative number that is unlikely to affect public
dose much).

Thanks for any advice.
Keith Welch
Jefferson Lab

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