[ RadSafe ] Ge-68 impurity in Ga-68

Ravinkumar Sobnack rvn.sbnck at ntlworld.com
Sat Jun 21 00:24:38 CDT 2008

Dear Radsafe members

We have recently got hold of a Ge-68/Ga-68 generator for pre-clinical R&D
and phantom studies in our PET/CT facility and we are faced with long-lived
Ge-68 breakthrough. This poses a problem with Ge-68 waste disposal,
contaminated phantoms and concerns for eventual use in clinical studies. The
annual limit on intake for this nuclide is for a whole body dose of 5 mSv is
about 20 MBq. I have 3 queries:

1.	Is there any existing guide to acceptable impurity level in the
eluate for this generator, as we do for Mo99/Tc99m generator?
2.	Is there any quick and easy way to check the Ge-68 breakthrough?
3.	Is there an FDA-approved Ge/Ga generator?


I would appreciate any help.


Ravin Sobnack

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