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Dad Died From Plutonium Exposure at Los Alamos Lab, Daughter Says
By RITA CICERO, Andrews Publications Staff Writer

Dear Editor,
Regarding the above, please help reassure a misled public that 
moderate radiation actually reduces cancer risk.
Nuclear power, (promoted by a Greenpeace founder as well as presidential candidate McCain) 
may depend on a needlessly frightened public knowing this. 

 Is Radiation an Essential Trace Energy? 
by John Cameron at Am. Physical Society, Oct 2001.
 reveals that 27,872 nuclear shipyard workers  receiving over 0.5 rem 
(av 5 to 10 times coast background, equaling low-cancer mountain states)
 had LOWER cancer death rate by 4 SD than unexposed coworkers.  

For detail, see Sponsler R, Cameron J: Nuclear shipyard worker study: 
International Journal of Low Radiation 1:4. 2005.

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