[ RadSafe ] RE: Cancer Suit filed against Los Alamos

Cmtimmpe at aol.com Cmtimmpe at aol.com
Mon Jun 23 11:15:17 CDT 2008

I agree that it is an all too common 'leap of faith' that because a person  
worked at one of the DOE nuclear facilities they must have been exposed to  rad
iation.  With respect to this case, I suggest that the body be exhumed  and 
checked to see if there is any body burden remaining.  Not conclusive,  but 
certainly would add some actual data to the case. It could very well be that  
living at the higher altitude of Los Alamos resulted in more radiation exposure  
for the individual than his work at Los Alamos.  Also, nothing is said  about 
the life history of the individual as an adult and the possible  exposures 
after he left Los Alamos.  It will be an interesting case if it  ever actually 
goes to court.
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