[ RadSafe ] Cancer suit filed against Los Alamos Labs

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Dear Steve:

Did you think it worked any other way? Not every trial is in Podunk,
Alabama; But since I am originally from Alabama, I guess I can make that
statement without too much irony.

Dan ii

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June 23

        This is so disgusting and morally depraved I can't think of a word
to describe it.

Steven Dapra

At 12:11 AM 6/23/08 -0500, Dan W McCarn wrote:

Dear Group:

On one of the juries that I gave testimony before, there was not a single
person with a High School education and most were unemployed.  The truth is
that an "expert" witness, standing before such a group, is at an extreme
disadvantage since the scientific arguments, though clear and sound, are not
understandable by such an ill-equipped jury.  

The opposition always attempts to impeach the credibility of the witness by
suggesting that they are stating their "bought" opinions because of the
money that they are being given. 

"How much are you billing for every hour of testimony?"
"My billing rate is $150 / hour for legal testimony, sir."

"How much did you bill last month in preparation for this trial?"
"I billed about $14,000 last month in support of this trial."

"How much have you billed to date since this litigation began?"
"I have billed $137,000 for instrument installation, data collection,
topographic surveys, field work, interpretation and preparation of
affidavits for this litigation over the last 16 months, sir"

That Q&As are frequently enough to dismiss any word of credibility by such a
jury, never mind that you have to simplify any testimony so that a 8th
grader can understand it.

I would much rather give testimony to an administrative hearing, where I can
expect to be able to use the full vocabulary of a scientific argument, and
provide that testimony in the form of an affidavit. 

Dan ii

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