[ RadSafe ] Transport/Courier Exemptions for Small Uranium Sources

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The IATA, "Dangerous Goods Regulations" and 49 CFR 173 both list exempt quantities and exempt concentrations on a radionuclide specific basis.  Material which does not exceed both limits is considered nonradioactive for purposes of transportation.  However, if this is licensed radioactive material, you must still meet the conditions of your license regarding transfer of the material.
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If someone wanted to courier or carry around during travel (including 
by air) small demonstration sources of yellowcake (e.g. 100 g ??) or 
of uranium ore ( 1 kg ??), what are the IAEA or national transport 
reg limitations on these sources that might exempt or alternatively 
prohibit this?  A regulation cite would be appreciated..  I am 
interested in travel within a country (e.g. the U.S. or Canada) but, 
additionally,  what are the extra trans-border transport limitations?

Since I get Radsafe by digest mode, feel free to respond directly to me.

Leo M. Lowe, Ph.D., P.Phys.

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