[ RadSafe ] Testing bombs

Edmond Baratta edmond0033 at comcast.net
Sat Jun 28 16:45:23 CDT 2008

I believe at that time they didn't have enough Pu-239.  I think it was 
produced in a Laboratory in small quantities.

Ed Baratta

edmond0033 at comcast.net
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> June 28, 2008
> From time to time I have read that one of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs 
> had to be tested before it was used, and that one did not --- that the 
> engineers were so certain the latter bomb would explode that they didn't 
> bother testing it.  I also read recently that hydrogen bombs must be 
> tested.  Of these three types of bombs, which ones must be tested, and 
> why?  For the one that did not have to be tested, why not?  (I don't have 
> any bombs I want to test, I am merely curious.)
> Steven Dapra
> sjd at swcp.com
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