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There is also a lot of "Dirty Bomb" material in the Canadian "Oil Patch" and 
in Texas, etc. Look for a "soon to be published" HPS ANSI report.

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> “Dirty Bomb” Material in Use Across Canada
> Irradiation devices containing what a U.S. study called a potential
> radiological “dirty bomb” ingredient remain in use in nearly 100 Canadian
> hospitals, universities and blood banks, the Canwest News Service reported
> Friday (see GSN, Feb. 21).
> The machines contain cesium chloride, a “highly dispersible” form of
> radioactive cesium 137, according to a February report by the U.S. 
> National
> Research Council. The National Academy of Sciences body has called for the
> devices to “be replaced in the United States and, to the extent possible,
> elsewhere.”
> Uses for the devices include irradiating blood prior to transfusion. 
> Canada
> currently has 94 of the devices in use, the Canadian Nuclear Safety
> Commission told Canwest. The board said it monitors the “sealed sources” 
> of
> cesium chloride in the machines on a “cradle-to-grave” basis, tracking
> “where they are located and when they are transferred between locations.”
> Natural Resources Canada said it plans this week to respond to the U.S.
> report’s call to replace the machines.
> MDS Nordion, a top Canadian nuclear medicine firm, has sold about 400
> cesium chloride irradiators in the United States, the U.S. study says. The
> company said it has sold 65 of the machines in Canada (Randy Boswell,
> Canwest News Service, Feb. 29).
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> Wisely, Nordion also markets X-ray based blood irradiators.
> Clayton J. Bradt
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