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Tue Mar 4 19:44:49 CST 2008

Mobile Rad Lab


Since this was written, we have added the capability of using larger He3 neutron detectors, up to 2" X 56".

Alpha-Beta contamination detection with Ludlum 2424 and swipes with Ludlum 2929 as well as a Model 12 with 44-10-1. 

 In the past, very strong sources have been hard to localize because 

of the non directional response of standard probes. The usual trick of using my body as a shield proved useless. Therefore I've rigged up a thyroid uptake shield 

and probe on a tripod to help with directionality. We are talking here about sources that trip the alarm at 3/4 mile distance. 

George Dowell


New London Nucleonics Lab

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