[ RadSafe ] DHS Tests of Radiation Detectors WereInconclusive, Report Says

Sawyer, Jeff jeff.sawyer at thermofisher.com
Thu Mar 6 07:41:07 CST 2008

When was the last time you used a radiation monitor that hadn't first
been calibrated?



>With that certification in mind, the nuclear detection office conducted
>tests in Nevada early last year. Those tests were called into question
>GAO auditors found that department officials had allowed contractors to
>conduct "dress rehearsals" and calibrate their machines in anticipation
>the tests.
>The review team's report discounted the auditor's findings that the
>were biased. The team also said it found no evidence the test data were

March 4

         What is the difference between this and outright collusion?
there any difference?

Steven Dapra

>No comment.
>Clayton J. Bradt
>dutchbradt at hughes.net

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