AW: [ RadSafe ] DHS Tests of Radiation Detectors Were Inconclusive, Report Says

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There can be various ‘forms’ of calibration.  We may need to specify what
form of calibration we are referring to, i.e. whether it is a calibration
against a ‘primary’ standard by a national or international metrology
standardization laboratory, against a ‘secondary’ standard by a competent
metrology standardization laboratory, against a ‘tertiary’ standard or it is
a day-to-day operational ‘consistency’ or ‘performance’ check.  The
different levels of calibration may serve different purposes, are conducted
according to different standardization requirements and provide calibration
outcomes of different uncertainties.

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Sandy et al:
I agree with your definition of calibration (as required, for instance, but
regulation in many instances). But in addition, I guess there is what is
(loosely) called a secondary calibration (or better referred to as a field
check or function check), where the user checks his instrument against a
known reference (normally supplied by the instrument manufacturer to the
user) to verify that it is functioning correctly.

IMHO, anything beyond the normal calibration and a field check with the
user's own references (and NOTHING supplied by the persons evaluating the
instrument performance) would be "fudging"......


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From: Sandy Perle
Your first example is how I define calibration (and NIST does as well).

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........ To make it short: "Kalibrierung" is something which
can be done in the respective laboratory, using sources provided by
institutions or companies tracing their results to some internationally
accepted standards. 
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