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Franz said:

" Finally the "Auschwitz" word. It seems to have become a very widespread
habit to describe everything negative in this world as "Auschwitz"."

In my experience the way to describe everything negative in the world is to
add the suffix "-gate" to the end of it.

Brent Rogers
Sydney Australia

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I speak some French, read it better. My English is compared to my French of
Shakespeare quality. Nevertheless I understand the content of this message,
but refuse to waste my time to translate it. It is absurd, it is the outflow
of some wannabe "expert", who has not the slightest idea about radiation
protection, radioactivity, nuclear power etc. Don't waste your time by using
your dictionary.

It is interesting that somebody with an Italian e-mail address writing in
French distributes (totally wrong) numbers in "Curies"!!! In those countries
the use of Bq is compulsory since several decades. He describes himself as
the "Vice President of the Association Internationale pour la Protection
contre des Rayons Ionisants" (please observe "contre" and not "contra" in
French). This sounds quite similar to the name of a French governmental unit
"protection contre des Rayons Ionisants", the exact name I do not have at
hand and not in mind....

We hear all the time of some "institutes", "international associations",
"European groups" etc. bla bla bla. Most are deliberately very similar to
real national and international institutions - what a coincidence! The names
are made to attract the mass media, to impress them and the readers or
viewers and finally - to enhance the worth of donations.  

Roger, I simply do not understand why you care for such idiotic messages.
You might be much younger than me, but I do not want to go my level of
stress hormones up too much.

Finally the "Auschwitz" word. It seems to have become a very widespread
habit to describe everything negative in this world as "Auschwitz". It is
now the second time I read it in conjunction with nuclear energy on RADSAFE.
Those who use it, have obviously not the slightest idea, what this meant -
how many have been there? How many have ever been able to imagine what
happened there? How many have been in the gas-chambers where million people
have been killed? Not with Kr-85, but with HCN. How many know that Auschwitz
was only one of a large number of similar concentration camps. I have spent
since years always several months in Katowice, which is not far away from
Auschwitz, I have been there first on myself, the next year with my younger
son - then 26 years old who absolutely wanted to visit it - and the next
year with two US collegues. All this - as well as Majdanek which I visited
two years ago - is so extremely terrible that everybody using those horrors
to achieve an anti-nuclear opinion should be ashamed, ashamed, ashamed.   

Roger, I think that such unbelievable idiots should be ignored. 

Best regards,


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
Habicherg. 31/7
A-1160 Wien/Vienna

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