[ RadSafe ] Do these symptoms sound familiar?

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Thu Mar 13 10:49:56 CDT 2008

>From ScienceDaily News:
Health Problems In Persian Gulf War Veterans Higher Due To Chemical
Exposure, Study Shows
"A study by researchers at the University of California, San Diego
School of Medicine shows there is increasing evidence that high rates of
illness in Persian Gulf War Veterans can be explained, in part, by
exposure to certain chemicals, including pesticides and nerve agents.
Veterans from the 1990-91 conflict have a higher rate of chronic,
multi-symptom health problems than either non-deployed personnel or
those deployed elsewhere. Symptoms routinely reported by these veterans
include fatigue, muscle or joint pain, memory problems, trouble
sleeping, rash and breathing problems. ..."
Do these symptoms sound familiar - maybe like ... attributed to DU by
the ax-grinders?

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Dave Neil

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