[ RadSafe ] Scientists discover possible radiation and heart disease link

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Dr. Long,
  Sorry to take so much time getting back to you and your conjecture, but the NSWS did NOT report on heart disease.  Also, you are again citing a epidemiological study has been judged as being flawed.  If you need to cherry-pick data, you should at least use a credible study.
  That being said, please reply to me off list if you wish to continue this discussion. 

howard long <hflong at pacbell.net> wrote:
  Opposite - less CV mortality with more radiation - must be true in the NShipyardWS 
with just 0.76 total mortality rate in those with > extra 0.5 rem vs workers otherwise identical,
as published by Cameron.

Howard Long

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There is a link between radiation and cardiovascular disease. See Darby et 
al (BMJ Vol. 326, pp256-257, 2003) and our poster at the IRPA-11 meeting.

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