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On the other hand, one who does the 3 very humorous warnings below can
actually sue the manufacturer for not listing these warnings and making it
impossible for the idiots to actually perform what is simply common sense.
You have to love the current USA tort laws and justice system that allows
such frivolous litigation to proceed, and, for large awards being provided
to the now very rich idiots!

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That is pretty funny.  It also shows that a clever idiot is a match for
almost any amount of design safeguards.  Perhaps that is a clue to how the
reg is written and enforced - it precludes only accidental irradiation.
Otherwise they would have to phrase it something like, "Registrants shall
not hire operators who might get bored and deliberately irradiated

I would guess that deliberately exposing yourself or someone else is a
violation of a different regulation, perhaps under a different agency, but
there's a limit to how far such regs can go.  There's not much point in
making regs like:

  You shall not hit your head with a hammer.
  You shall not jump off tall buildings.
  You shall not drink bleach.

Some things are self-correcting.

-Gary Isenhower

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