[ RadSafe ] More radiation, less heart disease (much of total) NSWS

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"The ubiquitous nature of the radiation response in cellular, animal and epidemiological studies 
negates the healthy worker effect as an explanation for hormesis." BScott at lrri.org
Howard Long

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Dr. Long,
I am not the one who originally questioned this study.  The fact that the unexposed workers had a higher cancer rate than the general population brings into question the validity of the study beyond the intent.  I can, and have, provided you with copies of the analysis of the study.  Unfortunately, your beliefs do not change the facts that this is not a reliable reference.  
The fact that the workers "appear" to be healthier does not translate into lower risk of heart disease.  As a physician, I assume that you know that heart disease is not the only cause of death.  Your conjecture that the study " MUST have included reduction in heart disease" is clearly without proof or merit beyond your own spectulation.  
Dr. Cameron was a well recognized physicist who gave much to the medical physics community.  Nevertheless, he was no epidemiologist.
Again, if you wish to continue this discussion with me, please do so off-list.  We need to respect the wishes of those who do not what to again be bothered with this issue.

-- John

howard long <hflong at pacbell.net> wrote:
Your persistent denigration of Cameron's work 
does require correction to all Radsafe.
NSWS revelation of amazing reduction in total mortality
 (0.76 expected vs controls that eliminated healthy worker effect)
when  >0.5 rem accumulated addition, MUST have included 
reduction in heart disease (over 30% of total mortality).
This small addition of 0.5 rem (rad, cSv etc) is less than 
a whole body scan and about what I get from 
sitting on thoriated welding rods 3 hours a day, and
even more convenient than my sunbathing an hour a week 
for another healthful radiation supplement. 
I have a cc of Cameron's analysis for all who e-mail for it.
 There was no more healthy worker effect than in the controls.
Thank you for keeping HPs aware.
Howard Long


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