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Wed Mar 19 16:00:34 CDT 2008

With the situation as it is today, we should probably not give out too much 
detailed information on the
baggage screening systems. If anyone wants to discuss details off list, fell 
free to contact me.

Keeping it basic, a typical hand luggage X-Ray machine will have a 140 keV, 
60 degree beam, point source X-Ray generator facing upwards.
The sensors are of the line scan type, meaning that the target object must 
be moving for an image to form.

Dual solid state line sensors, over 1000 diodes, form the image, line at a 
time, and in a stereo binocular, dual or multi energy discrimination 
allowing for some elemental determinations as well as density etc.

These are classified as "cabinet X-Ray machines" and are regulated under

Dose inside the machine would be calculated for 140 keV @ .7 mA. ( good for 
1 inch steel)

Some machines use HP, or High Penetration X-Ray generators, of 180 keV.

Naturally there is a lot of new research going on, advanced sensors, CT, 
neutron, backscatter, etc. etc., so we are talking about a general run of 
the mill checkpoint scanner here.

George Dowell


New London Nucleonics Lab

GEOelectronics at netscape.com

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