[ RadSafe ] This may be the only person ever killed by a dirty bomb.

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March 25

         "The Revolution is like Saturn -- it eats its own 
children."  (said by Georg Buchner in "Danton's Death")  (Bartlett's 
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Steven Dapra

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>Curious case of the dead scientist and
>the bomb experiment
>·     Ian Cobain
>·     The Guardian,
>·     Monday March 24 2008


>A mysterious bomb-making experiment
>that ended with the accidental death of
>a government scientist has remained an
>official secret for more than five
>years, leaving his family in the dark
>about what went wrong.
>Terry Jupp, a scientist with the
>Ministry of Defence, was engulfed in
>flames during a joint Anglo-American
>counter-terrorism project intended to
>discover more about al-Qaida's bomb-
>making capacities.


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