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Jose Rozental joseroze at netvision.net.il
Wed Mar 26 02:49:10 CDT 2008

Goiânia´s Legacy Two Decades On                                                                                        http://www.iaea.org/NewsCenter/News/2008/goiania.html

My comment:

IAEA article and video that shows in 3 minutes the impact of the Goiania´s Accident, even though it could better be elaborated in the time available. It demonstrates that if an accident like Goiania could happen again, many  of the difficulties that were found there in 1987 will be repeated also again, 20 years later.

Everything that IAEA presents today, in the Legacy of Goiania, 20   later, I started to presented it after the accident in 1988 and, in special, to   OIEA 10 years later, in the   International Congress   Goiania 10 Years Later, IAEA Proceedings of an International Conference Goiania Brazil, 26 - 31 October 1997, in my document Adjusting Ability and Sensibility for an Accident, pages 159/164. There it was written: "Finally, this paper is intended to alert national and international organizations, and especially those devoted to the progress of developing countries, such as IAEA and WHO, that the lessons from this radiological accident, have not been sufficiently concluded until now and also have not been totally learned. To these organizations, the writer wishes to reiterate that if another scenario along the lines of the Goiania accident were to happen in a developing country, most probably the same kinds of figures, the competent authority, and the organization dedicated to remediation and the media will repeat the same mistakes, and this will be a setback for nuclear energy."


The same I affirm today 20 years later and accept to discuss the reasons in any auditorium and public.


Today IAEA plays the role of "fire brigade" to solve questions of   emergency response in   developing countries. 


Goiania was case of ignorance, without intention. Today there is the possibiliby of  an intentional perspective...

Jose Julio Rozental

joseroze at netvision.net.il

Emergency Coordinator in Goiania  

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