[ RadSafe ] H-3 Smears

Wes Van Pelt WesVanPelt at verizon.net
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A new liquid scintillation counter is described at:
I quote below from an email I received from them:
	We have been developing the new counter for some time and it will be
officially available starting February 2008. The basic system is a counter
with sample trays holding either 40 (5x8) 20 ml vials or 96 (8x12) 7ml
vials. The counter has a pneumatic arm which is loading the samples to the
detector chamber.  The counter has a unique three PMT detector which enables
Triple to Double Coinciencidence Ratio counting. This enables easy
determination of sample counting efficiency without any external or internal

Has anyone had any experience with this new type of lsc? Franz?

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Can anyone recommend a compact, portable smear counter for tritium smears??
Especially one that doesn't use P-10 gas.

--Joel I Cehn, CHP
joelc at alum.wpi.edu

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