[ RadSafe ] BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Afghan 'health link' to uranium

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Fri May 2 07:31:07 CDT 2008


This BBC piece does not measure up to the standards that the BBC is expected
to maintain.  It gives enormous world wide credibility to the speculations
of the anti-depleted uranium crusade and the false measurements of the
Uranium Medical Research Centre and Asaf Durakovic who measured natural
uranium in water and claimed that it was DU.  I urge each of you to write
the BBC and point out the many falsehoods in this piece and to demand a
retraction.  It is even worse than I had imagined that it would be when I
got advance notice on anti-DU Yahoo Group list and the BBC needs to make it
right.  For starters, DU was used very sparingly, if at all in Afghanistan;
there were no large numbers of tanks for targets; the Taliban had at most a
couple of dozen; further, DU is not used in any bomb, so the heavy bombing
of Tora Bora was not with DU.

Thank you.

Roger Helbig

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