[ RadSafe ] German professor with ideas about nuclear power & health effects

Bjorn Cedervall bcradsafers at hotmail.com
Sat May 3 13:54:59 CDT 2008

I don't think that a scientist who refers to Sternglass is serious. Sternglass was once asked about a correlation between childhood cancers and the vicinity on nuclear power plants - essentially "why didn't you correlate with the predominating wind direction?". Sternglass replied that he didn't get as good correlations that way (referred to in a book by Bo Lindell, former head of the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority & member of the ICRP).
Regarding the childhood acute lymphocytic/lymphoblastic leukemias (ALL): If you search in the medical litterature you will find plenty of evidence that there is not one cause of childhood ALL - instead a multifactorial picture is found where socioeconomic factors (food, ínfections, breast feeding, vitamins...) as well as environmental and genetic factors seem to be involved.
The radiation doses around the German NPP:s are far too low to explain the ALL there (the annual doses are in the order of microSv or less - that is far below the levels from the natural background).
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