[ RadSafe ] Re: salsman / fore rubbish

Maury Siskel maurysis at peoplepc.com
Mon May 5 16:17:14 CDT 2008

This responded to a different site, but I believe it is equally 
applicable on Radsafe. Out of respect for so-called academic freedom, 
I'm not at all willing to reject Radsafe, but Salsman poses no such problem.
 Hi Malcolm,
In this case, I again violated my own rule and did look at part of this 
article. My rule, though frequently violated, is that as soon as I see 
that attribution is to an anonymous source, I discard the article and 
try to disregard its headline.

To me, the distinction between a lie and a mistake is monumental. When 
one gives their name, they are willing to at least accept an obvious 
responsibility. A leaker or anonymous source totally denies all such 
responsibility.  As also do the purveyors of such crap -- the games will 
go on ....

It is only human overlearning through a lifetime of practice and 
reinforcement that we respond so helplessly to words, regardless of source.


Malcolm Davis wrote:
 > The lies and propaganda continue to proliferate -
 > Malcolm
 > http://rawstory.com/news/2008/As_New_York_Times_cites_anonymous_0505.html

========end response to correct insight by  Mark Sonter=============

Mark Sonter wrote:

> Salsman / Fore / Blane or whatever he calls himself this week offends 
> the principle of transparency and honest presentation by his use of 
> pseudonyms, has nothing to add to what he has been preaching for the 
> last couple of years, clearly doesn't understand scientific 
> principles, fails to understand that uranium is ubiquitous in the 
> environment averaging 3 ppm in soils worldwide, and is a waste of 
> bandwidth and Radsafe users' time.
> Mark Sonter
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