[ RadSafe ] ?Association of brain tumors and cell phones - common cause?

HOWARD.LONG at comcast.net HOWARD.LONG at comcast.net
Tue May 6 10:50:41 CDT 2008

IF brain tumor rate is higher with high cell phone use, 
I speculate common cause, rather than cause- effect.

Th dozens of brain tumor patients I have known were all unusually active-minded.
They were just the sort of people I would expect to have high rate of cell phone use.

Common cause (very active-minded) rather than cause effect, I presume.

Animal experiments should reassure.

Howard Long 

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From: "Nils Rudqvist" <nils_rudqvist at hotmail.com> 

> Hey everyone! 
> Today I read a article in a newspaper called aftonbladet 
> (http://www.aftonbladet.se/kropphalsa/cancer/article964791.ab), it is in swedish 
> but the translation of the topis is "Big study: the cell phone give brain 
> tumors". The author of the article cites a scientist at Umeå university named 
> Kjell Hansson Mild who claims (after some googling he seam to have connections 
> with Lennart Hardell?) that "the connection between cell phones and brain tumors 
> cannot be clearer than this". He also claims that the risk should be regarded 
> only for the ones that use their cell phones more than 2000 hours in a lifetime. 
> Apparently there have been some kind of release of a new report that shows the 
> relation between cell phones and brain tumors. There cant be that many that have 
> talked this much in their phones so how can the statistics be correct? 
> Anyone know where i might be able to find this article or report? 
> Nils Rudqvist 
> Student in radiophysics 
> Gothenburg University 
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