AW: [ RadSafe ] New evidence on brain tumors from cell phones?

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at
Tue May 6 14:21:31 CDT 2008


I read the article, which is quite old, - I speak Swedish - and the article
claims that one hour of mobil phone use per day increases cancer risk by
50%. It is not mentioned, which kind of cancer! Nils, you know what kind of
newspaper "Aftonbladet" is, but to enlighten non-Swedish members of the
RADSAFE community: It is a very low-level and sensationalist

Nils, you may find some answers, looking at the comments and links of
readers which can be found following the article.   

Not being an epidemiologist I would believe that a 50% increase of cancer
incidence (which ever) should be so easily detectable, that not the
slightest doubt could be - anybody ever heard about this increase? 

I am surprised about the comments of some RADSAFErs following this message.
They obviously take that message for granted and true. The very first
question to be answered should be, whether it is reliable, true and
scientifically founded. From all the background information I seriously
doubt it.

Best regards och vänliga hälsningar till Sverige och Göteborg där jag för
länge sedan levde i tva manader!


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
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Betreff: [ RadSafe ] New evidence on brain tumors from cell phones?

Hey everyone!

Today I read a article in a newspaper called aftonbladet
(, it is in
swedish but the translation of the topis is "Big study: the cell phone give
brain tumors". The author of the article cites a scientist at Umeå
university named Kjell Hansson Mild who claims (after some googling he seam
to have connections with Lennart Hardell?) that "the connection between cell
phones and brain tumors cannot be clearer than this". He also claims that
the risk should be regarded only for the ones that use their cell phones
more than 2000 hours in a lifetime. Apparently there have been some kind of
release of a new report that shows the relation between cell phones and
brain tumors. There cant be that many that have talked this much in their
phones so how can the statistics be correct?

Anyone know where i might be able to find this article or report?

Nils Rudqvist
Student in radiophysics
Gothenburg University
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