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The article which is a meta-analysis (Int. J. Oncol., Vol. 32, 2008:1097-1103) has 36 references where at least 11 in some sense are to the lead author himself. The BioInitiative Group is one of these which you should take a closer look at ( http://www.bioinitiative.org/ ):
He holds the national record for unfounded cancer alarms. He was also a paid plaintiff's witness in the Newman case ("brain tumor & mobile phone issue" where the tumor patient wantedd 800 million USD from Motorola).
It is interesting with the pay as the same author recently wrote and article about "conflicting interests" - see for instance:
A rebuttal: secret ties to industry and conflicting interests in cancer research, Am J Ind Med. 2007 Sep;50(9):701 and three other comments to the paper:
Secret ties to industry and conflicting interests in cancer research, Am J Ind Med. 2007 Mar;50(3):227-33.
Not also the following papers with the same author involved:
A. The multitude and diversity of environmental carcinogens (a review), Environ Res. 2007 Nov;105(3):414-29 and
B. Lifestyle-related factors and environmental agents causing cancer: an overview, 
Biomed Pharmacother. 2007 Dec;61(10):640-58.
In the first of these two papers it is:
1. Claimed that EMF is mutagenic.
2. EMF is carcinogenic
3. The Chernobyl fallout caused a detectable increase in cancer incidence for northern Sweden. The scientific advisor of that work was again this same person. I was present at the thesis defence and it was essentially and clearly shown that the conclusions (that of causality according to Hill's criteria) were unreasonable. This did obviously not hinder this scientific advisor to cite the "Chernobyl caused increase cancer incidence in northern Sweden" as a truth (in both of the just mentioned papers).
4. A reference was made to Hallberg and Johansson (2002) where a conclusion is that FM- and TV-transmissions probably cause melanomas
(more about Johansson here:
http://www.vof.se/visa-forvillare2004eng )
See also B. Cedervall, Unfounded claims about the effects of electromagnetic fields, Environ. Res. (in press) -also responded to by three of the key authors of article/paper A above: Electromagnetic fields as cancer-causing agents, Environ. Res.
My personal opinion and ideas - if anything of the above is wrong I will correct it ASAP,
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