[ RadSafe ] New evidence on brain tumors from cell phones?

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Tue May 6 13:37:39 CDT 2008

Thanks for that link.  Although it talks about neuron damage and increased permeability of 
the blood-brain barrier, it also discredits the brain tumour claims of the Swedish group.

So, I feel good about brain tumour claims being discredited, but also keen to see if anyone 
reproduces the albumin results.  Till then I have to kind of agree with Mike's comments.

-Gary Isenhower

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> An interesting article: 
> http://www.protectingourhealth.org/newscience/learning/2003/2003-0129s
> alfordetal.htm 
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> I could be wrong, but I don't think that anybody has confirmed that
> cell phone/brain tumour link.  I believe several studies have
> attempted to do so and failed.  Currently I'm ignoring any cell phone
> studies that come out of Sweden, because it seems like one group there
> is making all the noise - kind of like Salasman here in the US.  
> That's the problem with losing credibility.  Even if you do good
> science afterwards nobody listens to you, so you sort of get typecast.
> -Gary Isenhower

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