[ RadSafe ] Liquid scintillation counter in Norfolk, VA

Ron Reif rreif at whoi.edu
Mon May 19 14:36:30 CDT 2008

Hi all,


Our research vessel, the R/V Knorr, will be arriving in Norfolk, VA and
requires a liquid scintillation counter to analyze about a half dozen swipes
for H-3 and C-14 contamination.  FYI...our onboard liquid scintillation
counter is malfunctioning.  We need rapid/immediate turn-around time on the
swipe counts, as the vessel will only be in port for a few days: June 3-4,
2008.  Does anyone know of any liquid scintillation counters located in or
close to Norfolk, VA that we could use or any radioanalytical labs that we
could use?   


Regards, Ron


Ron Reif, EH&S Director & RSO
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
 <http://ehs.whoi.edu> http://ehs.whoi.edu


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