[ RadSafe ] uranium smoke is a teratogen

Doug Aitken jdaitken at sugar-land.oilfield.slb.com
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I'm getting a bit tired of these posts. But unfortunately, as they come in under Radsafe, I cannot add you to my "blocked address" list.....

This latest post has a typical  conspiracy theory implication....

1) " the levels (of U) were so low as to not be natural sand if true .."
2) toss in a red herring about Lead
3)  Raise the "specter" of "government cover-up"

So, the lab mis-reported the level of Uranium. Rather than accept this simple fact, you "imply" that there is something naughty going on and that the shipment of sand had been tampered with?

Seems to me that you have had you head in the sand for a bit too long.....


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From: radsafe Ben Fore

> ... when faced with strong evidence that DU concentrations
> in this shipment was very, very low; too low to be a health
> risk in any credible exposure scenario, you could have
> responded, "You are right; there really isn't a problem....

But as Dan pointed out, the levels were so low as to not be
natural sand if true:

> Instead, you said (to paraphrase), "OH YEAH!?!
> Well, what about the lead?  SO THERE!"

I was referring to the lead levels for contrast.  But I think you
knew that.  It's a lot easier to insinuate that someone is
shouting an unreasoned argument than to join those of us
who are trying to quantify the answers to what the U.S.
Armed Forces Radiobiology Institute has been calling
"numerous unanswered questions" for at least a decade....>
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