[ RadSafe ] Fwd: Which do people think is the 2nd place explanation for Gulf War illness?

James Salsman BenjB4 at gmail.com
Tue May 27 09:41:39 CDT 2008

What is the most viable explanation of the increase of health
abnormalities seen among troops and in Basra and Kuwait after the
February, 1991 Gulf War?

Is it depleted uranium?

Is it anthrax vaccine (which was given to both combat and non-combat
troops) or is it malnutrition, which was put forth by Dan McCarn as an
alternative hypothesis?

If anyone seriously believes the later, I invite them to read what the
CDC has to say about malnutrition and birth defects. Folic acid and
fetal alcohol syndrome is about it.  General malnutrition follows the
same pattern as folate deficiency.

Then please read Schröder H, et al. (2003). "Chromosome
Aberration Analysis in Peripheral Lymphocytes of Gulf War and
Balkans War Veterans" Radiation Protection Dosimetry 103:211-219,
http://www.cerrie.org/committee_papers/INFO_9-H.pdf .

Then please look at this:  http://vawatchdog.org/07/nf07/nfAUG07/nf082207-1.htm

Please note that independent labs has confirmed that the uranyl
exposure victims have genetic damage consistent with genotocixity.

I wonder which fraction of radsafers know that uranium salts were,
just a handful of decades ago, used to stain DNA.  With an affinity to
DNA and clear evidence of genotoxicity in cell nuclei, the second and
third place alternative hypotheses are far behind. If anyone believes
that they have any chance, please say why.

James Salsman

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