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Tue May 27 22:36:16 CDT 2008

 From a posting to DU-Watch today --

It's interesting that someone has decided to actually see if there is a
Uranium Medical Research Centre in Toronto -- since Durakovic is actually a
radiologist -- he only appears in the NRC's ADAMS listing in conjunction
with a hospital in Pennsylvania where James Salsman appears 139 times and
has had more than one decision made against his petitions.  Anyone in
Washington DC care to check out the other address 3430 Connecticut Avenue
and report back.  I would not be surprised if it were not much more than a
PO Box or one of those "rent an office for a day" places.  I doubt it is a
fully equipped laboratory of any kind.  Since Durakovic has been paid to
sample veterans and has always found DU, would this lack of an actual lab
not constitute fraud?

Roger Helbig

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Northumberland Today, May 22, 2008

Lights on, nobody home at UMRC

Uranium Medical Research Centre lists its address as 157 Carleton
(sic) Street, Suite 206, Toronto, but according to Dr. Jim Campbell of
Port Hope, 157 Carlton St. (there is no Carleton St.) turns out to be
St. Luke's United Church, which also houses business suites.

Dr. Campbell said he was recently in Toronto and stopped by for a
visit. He says the listing for Suite 206 was on the side door but the
door was locked.
'Even from the inside of the church, the door to the second-floor
suites was locked,' he said. 'And no one answered the bell.'
Taking a closer look at the directory on the building, Dr. Campbell
noted the stated address for the UMRC is listed as the home of the
World Life Institute, and there is nothing noted on the directory
about UMRC.
But, according to its Web site, the founder and director of the World
Life Institute is none other than Asaf Durakovic, M.D., the same
doctor involved in the UMRC urine study of nine Port Hope residents
and two test subjects late last year.
UMRC does have another address at 3430 Connecticut Avenue in
Washington, D.C., and a search on Mapquest revealed there is such an
address, but there is nothing in the Mapquest database for either UMRC
or Uranium Medical Research Centre.
And a look at the UMRC Web site indicates the only phone number
available is the Toronto number (416-465-1341).
Checking USA 4-1-1 directory listings also reveals no entry for either
the UMRC or Uranium Medical Research Centre.
A quick call to the Toronto number connected the Evening Guide to an
answering machine that recommended we contact the organization via
e-mail, due to the large number of calls they receive.
'I think the people of Port Hope should know (this about) the grandly
named Uranium Medical Research Centre,' said Dr. Campbell.
UMRC 'has a Web site short on details. Its listed address (which
misspells Carlton as Carleton Street), in the back of a church, bears
the name of another organization. Only two members have been
identified: the 'deputy director,' Tedd Weyman, a non-scientist with
an unrelated day job, and an absentee 'Medical Director,' Asaf
Durakovic,' Dr. Campbell concluded.

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