[ RadSafe ] Stand-off zones from Personnel Monitors

Miller, Roy H. ROHMILLE at southernco.com
Mon Sep 15 08:08:08 CDT 2008

Hello everyone,
I apologize for asking a question during the Outage season, but your
knowledge is highly desired.
SNC is evaluating the need to establish isolation areas around the
personnel monitors due to the attenuation of background the workers
could impose.


Does your site/fleet have isolation/stand-off areas around the Personnel

	If so,
		a) What is the distance?

		b) Which monitors, e.g. gas-flow, gamma, or both

		b) Is the zone defined on both sides of the monitor,
e.g. inside and outside the RCA?

		c) Is the distance based on testing?

	If not, 
		d) Is this decision not to have zones based on testing?

Thank you for the help in advance.
Stay safe.

Roy Miller
Southern Nuclear (Farley, Hatch, Vogtle)

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