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Jerry Cohen jjcohen at prodigy.net
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In ~ 1985, we presented a paper titled "The Hazard of Long-Lived 
Radionuclides" to the HPS.
In that paper, the following classification was proposed:

Radioactive:  any radionuclide with a half-life  < one million years

Radiopassive:  T 1/2   >10E6  and  <10E12 yrs

Radioquescent: half-life > 10E12yrs

The idea went over like the proverbial lead balloon, but I still like it.

Jerry Cohen

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> Sept. 19, 2008
> Is there a convention for dividing half-lives into groups for very long 
> (such as U-238), long, medium, short, and very short?  If there is, what 
> are the dividing points for the various lengths of time?
> Steven Dapra
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