[ RadSafe ] Mission to Mars---Fission Propulsion

Baumbaugh, Joel SPAWAR joel.baumbaugh at navy.mil
Tue Sep 30 11:55:11 CDT 2008

My guess is you'd need one of these magnetic rail-lifts to keep the
launch costs down to a practical level: 
http://www.launchpnt.com/Space_Launch.32.0.html or

This is probably a non-RADSAFE subject though...

Joel Baumbaugh (SSC-SD)

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I believe that a necessary first step for a manned mission to Mars is
development of a way to put packages in orbit for tens or hundreds of
dollars per kilo, rather than thousands or tens of thousands of dollars
per kilo.  It would be nice if it could be done without high
accelerations, too.  Of the systems I've seen proposed (and as a science
fiction fan, I've seen a fair few), the Space Elevator concept looks the
best.  Although some very interesting work has been done, and I think it
has potential for actually coming to pass, I decline to hold my breath
until it happens. 

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