[ RadSafe ] Uranium in the hair of autistic children URGENT

George Stanford gstanford at aya.yale.edu
Mon Apr 6 12:56:53 CDT 2009

Dr. Parthasarathy:

	I forwarded your note to William Walsh, Ph.D., of the Walsh Research 
Institute, Naperville, Illinois.  Here is his response:

"I have data on uranium in hair for more than 20,000 persons. I've 
never seen a single case in which it was clinically significant and 
affected treatment.

"The hair analysis method produces signals for about 40 elements, but 
only about 20 have any meaning. The labs irresponsibly report all of 
the data, including the values that the labs know are meaningless. 
I've urged them to stop this practice, but they all refuse for $$ 
reasons. They believe that their doctor clients believe they are 
getting more value due to the higher number of assays reported. 
Pfeiffer has been bothered for years by patients concerned about 
elevated uranium in their hair..... a complete waste of time.

"Uranium levels in human hair are generally below the detection 
limit, so the lab reports reflect "noise" rather that reality. An 
exception involves people living in mining areas, who exhibit exhibit 
trace uranium levels that ARE slightly above the detection limit. For 
example we've known for years that residents of California tend to 
have higher uranium levels.

"This is a good example of why hair analysis labs deserve their 
widespread bad reputation. This is unfortunate since there is valid 
important medical information in hair levels of lead, cadmium, 
copper, zinc, and other elements."

At 06:28 AM 4/6/2009, parthasarathy k s wrote:
Dear friends, Recently, the reported  presence of "high" levels of 
uranium in the hair of children suffering from autism has attracted 
wide media attention in India. In spite of all efforts, I could not 
get the actual data so far. The person who suggested that autistic 
children in Faridkot, Punjab are having high concentrations of 
uranium in their hair also stated that the source of uranium is 
likely to be the either  pressurized heavy water reactors at 
Rajasthan 150 km from Faridkot or the reactors in Pakistan. I have 
serious doublts about the credibility of such persons If any one in 
the list has any references to enhanced uranium levels in the hair of 
autistic children, I shall be grateful to receive them Regards 
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