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Nils Rudqvist nils_rudqvist at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 24 02:54:47 CDT 2009

Dear colleagues,

I am writing a review article regarding tolerance doses and biological effects from radiation (with concepts as TD, MTD, MTA, NTCP, BED etc), but i have some problems in finding the right articles. My thought was to try to collect and relate the tolerance doses from different radiation methods, i.e. external and different radioisotopes used for internal therapy. I have done the usual searches but it seems to me that I either gets alot of hits or very few. 

Mainly, the organs of interest is kidney, liver and bone marrow. If you have any information or know where i can find the information needed, help would be much appreciated. Data from humans, mice or rats is favorable but if you have any data that you think might help me, please contact me.


Nils Rudqvist (nils.rudqvist at radfys.gu.se

Researcher at the Sahlgren Academy

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