[ RadSafe ] Re: Half Century of Health Physics DVD Question

Peter Fear FEARP at upstate.edu
Wed Apr 29 07:43:58 CDT 2009

I believe that there is a reader program that gets installed from the disc
(QLU). If it is not installed on your computer, you may not be able to read
the it. We have 2000 on our computers (IT usually keeps us about 2 versions
behind!!). The program was automatically installed on my system but XP and
Vista may not allow automatic installation of software from the disc. You
may have to install it manually. Also the software may not be compatible
with those versions.


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>>> <Wade.Miller at srs.gov> 04/29/09 8:13 AM >>>
Regarding Joe's question on the DVD, I don't have a solution, but I've had

the same issue with being unable to search the archives.  No CD/DVD issue,

but I noticed it worked and then it didn't.  I can't recall if I tried to 
download the info onto a hard drive to make it accessible on my laptop 
without the DVD, but it seemed like the problem was similar to the type of

problem encountered when one has a copyrighted disc for which you're 
allowed to make a certain number of copies after which the CD "locks you 
out" if you try to make more.  I had written it off as a lost resource 
because I thought I might have done something to make it "refuse to 
proceed" (technical explanation).  Operating systems on the 2 laptops I 
used were Vista and Windows XP Professional.

I too would appreciate hearing of any possible solution because the disc 
is a terrific resource. 

Wade Miller, RRPT, AAHP (A)
Senior Health Physicist
Savannah River Site
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