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Karen Langley Karen at rso.utah.edu
Tue Feb 3 16:11:32 CST 2009

One of our Radiation Analysts is moving on to take a promotion in a related field and work on a Ph.D.  I know it is always good to see them have the opportunity to advance in their careers...On the other hand...It isn't fun to loose hard working, well trained personnel.....and I now have a Radiation Analyst position open that will need to be filled.

To view the posting and apply on-line go to:  http://www.hr.utah.edu/careers/ 

Job Duties: Evaluates radiological conditions in clinical and research laboratories to determine compliance with regulations and to assure that all radiation exposures are as low as reasonably achievable.  Provides general guidance and recommendations to Principal Investigators and laboratory personnel for improving radiation safety.
1.	Evaluates a variety of clinical and research situations involving radioactive materials or other radiation sources to identify potential radiological problems.
2.	Provides corrective information and guidance to laboratory personnel when regulatory requirements are not followed.
3.	Performs radiation surveys and evaluates exposure levels, handling techniques, x-ray machine operation and fume hoods to assure adequate air flow.
4.	Measures and records radioiodine activity in the thyroids of radioiodine users.
5.	Prepares documentation of radiation use in order to validate compliance with state and federal regulations; generates printouts of data for evaluation of the waste path.
6.	Instructs laboratory personnel in radiation protection procedures and functions as a resource for questions regarding radiation safety.
7.	Monitors the practices of labs to assure that radioactive wastes are disposed of properly in compliance with DOT, and NRC and Utah regulations.
8.	Surveys incoming and outgoing packages to assure safe transport, proper labeling and compliance with DOT, and NRC regulations.
9.	Responds to accidents involving radiation.
10.	Performs calibration of radiation instruments to assure accuracy of radiation measurements.
11.	Provides guidance and instruction to radiation users to assure compliance with pertinent regulations and good practice in the handling of radioactive materials.

Preferred Qualifications:  Bachelor's degree in Radiological Health, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or a related science, or equivalency; two years experience related to radiation protection or equivalency; be able to calculate exponential and logarithmic function & convert scientific measurement to various systems of units; demonstrated human relations & communication skills.  

Karen Langley, MS
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University of Utah
Radiological Health Department
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