[ RadSafe ] [NoMoreDU] "Contaminated Forever" to air in CA, NH, MA, MO in USA

Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 22:41:12 CST 2009

This film is a major propaganda victory for the
anti-nuclear/anti-depleted uranium crusaders - Wesley Rehberg is a
zealot with solid peace connections around the world and he is pushing
his film that canonizes Douglas Lind Rokke as the saint of the
anti-depleted uranium movement.  This gives Rokke a platform far
bigger than travelling around the country lying at American Legion or
Veterans of Foreign Wars posts or at 9/11 Truther events (they have a
mainstream TV show about Fire and Rescue that will pose Truther
questions about 9/11 -- I don't know which network or cable company
carries it - just saw the posting for first time today) -- If this
film is scheduled for your area, please, do contact the TV station and
tell them that it is not factual and should not be broadcast.  I
posted a review on Amazon dot com that is essentially a counter
biography of Rokke, all factual, all supported by the various
documents that I have obtained from Freedom of Information Act


Roger Helbig

From: Wes Rehberg <wildclearing at wildclearing.com>
Subject: [NoMoreDU] "Contaminated Forever" to air in CA, NH, MA, MO in USA
To: "Wes Rehberg" <wes.rehberg at wildclearing.com>
Date: Tuesday, February 3, 2009, 6:53 PM

Our documentary "Contaminated Forever" on the deadly impact of DU
contamination is scheduled to air on several local access TV stations
throughout California as well as in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and
Missouri through a progressive media networking service.
Home web site for "Contaminated Forever" is still www.contaminatedforever.com
FYI --

Wes Rehberg
Wild Clearing
Skype: wildclearing


PART 1: Introduction
PART 2: CPT actions at Aerojet Ordnance in Tennessee
PART 3: Vieques activists speak out about bombing range contamination
PART 4: Doug Rokke, maligned military whistleblower
PART 5: ICBUW conference at UN Plaza in NYC
PART 6: NL industries victims of contamination
PART 7: Anti-DU rally in Jonesborough, TN
POSTLUDE: Iraq veteran Herb Reed at home

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