[ RadSafe ] Re: [NoMoreDU] "Contaminated Forever" to air in CA, NH, MA, MO in USA

Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 23:13:53 CST 2009

In order to make it a little easier to find these needles in
haystacks, here is a link to the Alliance for Community Media, which I
got from Wikipedia - if any of you do write a station, please, copy me
- thank you.

Roger Helbig


Wikipedia listing is at

On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 8:41 PM, Roger Helbig <rwhelbig at gmail.com> wrote:
> This film is a major propaganda victory for the
> anti-nuclear/anti-depleted uranium crusaders - Wesley Rehberg is a
> zealot with solid peace connections around the world and he is pushing
> his film that canonizes Douglas Lind Rokke as the saint of the
> anti-depleted uranium movement.  This gives Rokke a platform far
> bigger than travelling around the country lying at American Legion or
> Veterans of Foreign Wars posts or at 9/11 Truther events (they have a
> mainstream TV show about Fire and Rescue that will pose Truther
> questions about 9/11 -- I don't know which network or cable company
> carries it - just saw the posting for first time today) -- If this
> film is scheduled for your area, please, do contact the TV station and
> tell them that it is not factual and should not be broadcast.  I
> posted a review on Amazon dot com that is essentially a counter
> biography of Rokke, all factual, all supported by the various
> documents that I have obtained from Freedom of Information Act
> requests.
> Thanks.
> Roger Helbig
> From: Wes Rehberg <wildclearing at wildclearing.com>
> Subject: [NoMoreDU] "Contaminated Forever" to air in CA, NH, MA, MO in USA
> To: "Wes Rehberg" <wes.rehberg at wildclearing.com>
> Date: Tuesday, February 3, 2009, 6:53 PM
> Our documentary "Contaminated Forever" on the deadly impact of DU
> contamination is scheduled to air on several local access TV stations
> throughout California as well as in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and
> Missouri through a progressive media networking service.
> Home web site for "Contaminated Forever" is still www.contaminatedforever.com
> FYI --
> Wes
> Wes Rehberg
> Wild Clearing
> www.wildclearing.com
> Skype: wildclearing
> PART 1: Introduction
> PART 2: CPT actions at Aerojet Ordnance in Tennessee
> PART 3: Vieques activists speak out about bombing range contamination
> PART 4: Doug Rokke, maligned military whistleblower
> PART 5: ICBUW conference at UN Plaza in NYC
> PART 6: NL industries victims of contamination
> PART 7: Anti-DU rally in Jonesborough, TN
> POSTLUDE: Iraq veteran Herb Reed at home

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