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Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 22:25:40 CST 2009

Did anyone on the RADSAFE list see this exhibit?  I never find out about
these before they happen; only after - the Campaign Against Uranium Weapons
(a term that they coined to try and equate the use of depleted uranium
anti-armor kinetic energy penetrator munitions to being a weapon of mass
destruction) seems to be very well funded - they also are anti-nuclear and
my understanding of this photo exhibit is that it is basically Saddam
Hussein regime propaganda.  Are there any members of the RADSAFE list in
Japan who know more about this photographer and what his motivation is or
who Kazashi is (I sort of picture him as a Japanese activist with a red
bandana tied around his head, but that is just based on his constant
inflammatory postings to NoMoreDU in Yahoo Groups.  How do you combat well
funded campaigns of lies like these?  They targeted the European Parliament
with this exhibit and got them to issue a Resolution (not sure of the term,
have to look back a year or more to the document) that banned DU in Europe.
Now, they are going after Scotland because of the MoD firing range in
Scotland that has tested DU munitions and that the Scottish Herald has said
has resulted in radioactive worms that glow in the dark.

Roger Helbig

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> Report: Human Cost of Uranium Weapons Exhibition and Seminar,
> Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh.
> On the 4th and 5th of February, the Campaign Against Depleted Uranium
> (CADU) and ICBUW held an exhibition and seminar in the Scottish
> Parliament in Edinburgh. The events were sponsored by two MSPs
> Patrick Harvie (Greens) and Alasdair Morgan (Scottish Nationalist
> Party) and funded by the Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust.
> Spanning three years between 2002 and 2005, The Human Cost of Uranium
> Weapons by Japanese photojournalist Naomi Toyoda, records the impact
> that the use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons has had on Iraq's
> civilian population and exposed US veterans. During the 1991 and 2003
> invasions of Iraq, more than 450,000 kilograms of uranium munitions
> were expended by UK and US forces. The weapons left a radioactive and
> toxic legacy for Iraq's civilian population.
> Naomi visited Iraq repeatedly from 1991 onwards, meeting with health
> professionals in areas contaminated by uranium weapons. In Iraq he
> found hospitals buckling under the sanctions regime that were
> struggling to help victims of childhood leukaemia. Treatments that
> would be seen as basic interventions in the West were denied to Iraqi
> physicians. In meeting Iraqi civilians he witnessed the human impact
> of what is all too easily dismissed simply as 'collateral damage' by
> the West.
> More here: http://www.bandepleteduranium.org/en/a/224.html
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