[ RadSafe ] Re: I131 patient during intercontinental flight NO reliable data on relevant parameters!

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In spite of our association with handling I-131 almost from the beginning of its use in nuclear medicine, we do not have any reliable data relevant to evaluating the risk

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Subject: [ RadSafe ] Re: I131 patient during intercontinental flight

Clayton, Moshe, and others,

my very very rough calculation indicates
that 7 mCi of  I131 (26 MBq)
would expose a neighbour passenger (at 50 cm)
to a dose rate around 8 microSv per hour of flight.
This, assuming the worst conditions and considering
a dose rate from a I131 "point source" of  7.6*10-5 mSv/h per MBq
and not considering the excretion.

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