[ RadSafe ] Suitable Gross alpha-beta counting system

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Sat Feb 21 15:34:21 CST 2009

You don't say what type of nuclear gauges you are talking about (which  radionuclides). I would seriously consider LSC especially if there are lower energy emitters involved, but probably for higher energy ones as well.  LSC is the only dependable technique for sensitive detection of low-energy conversion electrons and low-energy beta emitters. The efficiency for alpha particles and medium- to high-energy beta particles approaches 100% so corrections applied to account for detection efficiency/quench are generally relatively small (perhaps 20-30% as compared with proportional counting where corrections for efficiency and self-absorption effects can approach 70-90%) and thus there is intrinsically lower levels of measurement bias and uncertainty.  It is fast and easy - just stick the swipe in the vial and squirt in LS cocktail, and it runs itself using a sample changer. It also provides a spectrum and allows one to discriminate against lower energy activity (at least to some extent). No counting gas is required...

There are two really only two downsides:  1) You create waste.  2) the sample is immersed in cocktail and not as readily available for subsequent analysis if there is any question about the identity of which radionuclides are present. 

Best of luck,

Bob Shannon
QRS - Denver

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Dear All
I am looking for an advice to suggest:
(1) The suitable system/model (alpha-beta counting system) to use it for wipe samples analysis from nuclear gauges in industry.
(2) Simple Gamma counting system for the same. (Not HPGe)
(3) Can LSC be used to detect alpha-beta –gamma from the same sample?
(4) Good reference for the above

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